This adorable cat thinks its a Shiba Inu


Saki, Ibuki and Hazuki are three Insta-famous Shiba Inus who don’t mind sharing the spotlight with their cat sibling Kiki. If you love interspecies animal friends or at least a playful motley crew of pets, you’ll want to give the page a follow.

One particularly cute video shows the foursome acting in total unison. The three dogs and Kiki sit before their food bowls, each animal makes piercing eye contact with the camera. It looks as though they are bracing themselves for something, almost as though they’re about to race. When given the signal by their owner, the pets quickly scramble to gorge their food.

The adorable video racked up 378,000 views. It was definitely a cuteness overload for many Instagram users.

“This make me smile,” one Instagram user wrote.

“I took a good look and followed! Insanely cute! Four brothers!” another said.

“No matter how many times I look at it, it’s still the best? Lol,” one person added.

Shibas can be the ideal pet for cat lovers. You’ll just have to find the right Shiba and the right cat. The breed is particularly bossy, but they’ll get along famously as long as the cat knows who’s in charge.

In fact, Shiba Rescue even refers to them as “cat-like” because they love to clean themselves and each other. Just take a look at this video of Kiki the cat licking her Shiba sibling clean, for example.

The energetic critters are also active and require lots of love. But that just means your kitty will always have a friend to play with!

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