Woman stirs drama after sharing ‘creepy’ dream with parents: ‘Cue the panicked phone call’

A woman is seeking the internet’s advice after a “creepy” nightmare led to an awkward exchange with her parents.

The dilemma, according to Reddit useru/megs_wags, began a few years ago when she started suffering from sleep paralysis. The phenomenon, which can cause a person to feel immobilized in a half-dreaming, half-conscious state, occurs in as many as four in 10 people, according to WebMD.

According to SleepEducation.org, those dreams can often be extremely frightening, as was the case with megs_wags. The user explained that her sleep paralysis often included her dreaming that a ghostly figure was visiting her at her bedside.

Eventually, the Redditor created a drawing of the figure she kept seeing in her dreams. She ultimately shared the image with her parents, whom she described as being “hella Catholic.” That’s when the drama started.

‘Cue the panicked phone call’

The woman described her parents as being very committed to their beliefs, noting that they were “homeschooled for 6 years and went to church every day.”

“Like, when things go bad in life my dad wholeheartedly believes it’s the devil actively attacking us so we lose our faith,” she added.

The Redditor wrote that this faith informed her parents’ reaction to her drawing, which included a 30-minute phone call and a request from her mother that she sleep with a bible and a rosary (a symbolic string of beads and a cross used for prayer).

“Cue the panicked phone call from my parents who now believe the devil visits me in my sleep,” the user added. “They want me to talk to a priest and get my house blessed and use holy water every time I enter. The next time I visit them, I may end up in an impromptu exorcism.”

‘It was intense’

The Redditor received plenty of feedback from commenters on how to approach the situation, with many sharing their own experiences with sleep paralysis.

Others, meanwhile, offered their thoughts on how to deal with the woman’s parents. Some suggested turning the ordeal into some kind of practical joke, though many seemed vehemently against this.

“This is gonna cause so much backlash if [her] parents are THAT catholic,” one commenter wrote.

The woman responded to those comments by saying she doesn’t think her parents are as zealous as they once were, but has concerns that could change.

“Yeah, they are definitely outliers haha they’ve calmed down on the religious fanaticism a lot but it was intense during my childhood,” she wrote. “Part of the FU is that I may have now reignited the levels of insanity I saw growing up.”

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