Is there a wrong way to slice a bagel? Viral tweet sparks debate

At a time when the number of at-home baking connoisseurs is rising every day, the Twittersphere may be more opinionated than ever on matters pertaining to bread.

Among the most controversial carbs are bagels — particularly when it comes to how to slice and top one. The internet exploded after "Sex and the City" actress and politician Cynthia Nixon ordered a cinnamon-raisin bagel with cream cheese and lox. And on Tuesday, a viral debate was ignited when mom and physician Shira Gold blew up her husband's bizarre bagel-slicing method on Twitter.

"I never understood all the fuss around interfaith marriage. Then I watched my non-Jewish husband cut a bagel like this, and honestly, I get it now," Gold tweeted, attaching a photo of her husband's bagel, sliced into little vertical rounds, the way one would prepare bagel chips.

Gold and her husband (who requested to remain anonymous) live in Toronto, Canada.

"I like to think we're Canada's most knowledgeable bagel-eaters, but Montrealers will disagree," Gold told TODAY Food. "He has definitely eaten a bagel the 'normal' way before. That being said, if we do have bagels in our house, this is the way he eats them. If we don't have bagels, he just eats 5 poached eggs on their own. Don't even get me started on that one."

Gold's post now has over 165,000 likes (though "dislikes" might be more accurate here). Many Twitter users were horrified. After all, this isn't the first time slicing bagels in a peculiar way has caused a social media stir.

Some called for an international bagel ban for Gold's husband, whom Gold clarified is from Canada.

One self-proclaimed bagel lover defended Gold's husband on behalf of cream cheese, going to far as to say he may have "revolutionized bagel-cutting."

The entire state of New Jersey, which, as New York's neighbor, has a pretty serious bagel game, disagreed.

So, what was Gold's hubby up to with this egregious bagel prep? Gold clarified he was not making bagel chips and he did not top them with cream cheese — he was actually making "The World's Worst Eggs Benedict."

"I find this approach allows me to get just the right amount of bagel to soak up the yolk under my poached eggs," Gold's husband told TODAY.

Many, including his adoring wife who taste-tested the final dish, remained unimpressed.

"I can confidently say that the carb to yolk ratio is way off," she said.

Frankly, if he cut the bagel rounds a little thicker, coated them generously with hollandaise and topped them with a thick slice of Canadian bacon, we wouldn't be that mad about it.