Fashion Nova stirs chaos with 'invisible' bikini: 'I would rip this in two seconds'


Determined to get back in the news cycle for free advertising, Fashion Nova has released a new summer collection called “Catching Vibes,” which includes what the site refers to as a bikini — although whether it objectively be considered a bikini is up to society to debate for years to come.

The eye-popping look is scraps of pink tie-dyed fabric that are barely secured together with clear "invisible" plastic straps. The straps look identical to hanger straps, which are sewn into shirts and dresses to help keep the garments on a hanger and normally ripped out immediately after purchasing.

Considering Fashion Nova doesn’t hide the fact that they churn out fast, cheap fashion that only looks expensive, this bikini almost seems like a tongue-in-cheek joke about the company’s overall quality.

Although people argue that plastic straps like these would be great for eliminating weird tan lines — that is if you can physically make it to the beach without everything falling apart. According to the reviews on Fashion Nova’s site, they are not adjustable so sizing can be tricky.

Instagram model and Fashion Nova partner Chloe Saxon donned the bathing suit for her 740,000 stunned followers.

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“What’s the point in even wearing that?” one commented left on Saxon’s post.

“Super, super cute but I would rip this in two seconds,” another fan wrote in response.

“I want to know how that thing stays in place and nothing slips out,” a concerned follower posted.

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