Watch this woman get an eggplant-inspired drag makeover

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When you see someone living their best life, it makes you want to know their secret. And sometimes that secret is a good dose of drag, honey.

On the newest episode of “Dragged,” contestant Kasey wants to experience the world of drag after seeing the joy it brings to her roommate and best friend, Brooklyn-based drag queen Bea Belize.

“I get to see his process everyday, and I thought it would be really cool to see what it’s like,” she says.

With the help of seasoned drag queens Marti Gould Cummings and Jasmine Rice LaBeija, Kasey hopes to channel an over-the-top queen that’s quintessential to the drag scene. To begin, Kasey’s new drag mothers send her over to the makeup chair to get transformed via smoky, glittery eyeshadow and overdrawn lips.

Credit: In The Know

Meanwhile, Cummings and LaBeija choose a bubblegum pink outfit for Kasey’s drag debut, which comes complete with draping sleeves that reach the floor. The pair decide to add on a blonde curly wig to heighten the look, as if any more drag-drama was needed.

Now it’s time for a defining trait of any queen — a killer drag name. Kasey picks the name Baby Aubergine as her moniker, and has a good reason for the alias.

“‘Baby’ because I’m a very brand new drag queen, and ‘Aubergine’ because I love the color purple and aubergine is a shade of purple, but it’s a classy way to say it,” Kasey tells Cummings and makeup artist, Brandon. “It actually means eggplant, so it’s like an eggplant color.”

“I love eggplant,” Cummings says, and Brandon agrees, saying “We love eggplant.” For some reason, I don’t think the pair is referring to the purple vegetable.

Finally, it’s reveal time, baby. In her final form, Baby Aubergine is part ballerina, part glam girl and all-around a badass.

“My favorite part is getting to feel how my roommate feels when he does drag everyday,” the first-time queen says. “I think he’s going to love this. He’s going to be totally gagged.”

Credit: Cyle Suesz for In The Know

Luckily, she doesn’t have to wait to find out. Bea Belize is in the studio, and gets the final say on this transformation.

“The hair is amazing. I love you with a bottom lash,” Belize says. “And I’ve never seen Kasey in a heel this high before.”

Cummings tells the newly-minted Baby Aubergine, “Get ready for the corns and the bunions, b****. You are in for it.” And that’s that on that.

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