This luxurious bird resort puts regular birdhouses to shame

Matt Thompson of Thompson Wood Art makes “ridiculous and unnecessary things.” Although some may argue a few of his wooden creations like a hot-dog grilling picnic table and a beer-serving Adirondack chair are pretty useful. Thompson’s bird resort is another product to add to that list.

Unlike other birdhouses, this one truly is a resort. It has a crystal blue pool with surrounding lounge chairs and a small cabana filled with birdseed. At night, the pool and side panels are illuminated by rows of small lightbulbs. How luxurious!

The resort, of course, has the signature Thompson comedic flair as well. There’s a small wooden chore wheel with options: poop on cars, work on nest, dig for worms and eat for free. Best of all, it’s functional, Thompson has already welcomed in a few flying friends.

“This guy has become a regular and I’ve become a bird watcher,” Thompson said in the caption of one video.

A red cardinal struts around the resort in the clip. It pecks at the seed behind the glass before giving up and flying away. Although the bird resort is currently unavailable for purchase, Thompson said he has plans to sell them. Perhaps, it’s because much of the 6,300 comments were begging to buy it.

“Where can I find this to buy??? Someone could be making a killing if they’d answer all these comments asking to take their money already, lol,” a Facebook user commented.

“I would love to purchase one of these when you get set up, I’m sure you will have a ton of customers, beautiful work!” one person wrote.

“Definitely would buy this, it’s insanely cute,” another added.

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