Russian barber completes nonstop 48-hour haircutting marathon

A Russian barber completed a 48-hour haircutting marathon and live-streamed the event.

Vladislav Demidovich, who works at Barber Kostroma, hosted the event on YouTube, Twitch, Instagram and Telegram. Initially, the entire staff was going to participate, but Demidovich decided to take on the task himself.

The barber was able to provide 80 haircuts in the two-day window. Each customer had an appointment beforehand to ensure things went smoothly. Still, the task was daunting.

“The feeling is not the best, I would say,” Demidovich told the Associated Press, at around the 24-hour mark. “At the beginning, I had the pain in the lower back, now I feel pain in my feet, sometimes I feel foggy, almost falling down. But thank god all is going on fine.”

Demidovich completed the entire marathon wearing protective gear. Barbershops and beauty salons in the Kostroma region resumed work on April 24, but safety precautions were still necessary. He also had a staff of 10 workers assisting him with food, disinfectant tools and answering calls.

“When I was coming, I was worried a little bit because of everything that could happen when a person has not slept for 48 hours, but when I sat here everything went fine as during an ordinary appointment,” Shamil Bidjilov, one of the last customers, told AP. “The main thing was to talk to him, so he would not fell asleep.”

Demidovich plans on submitting the footage to the Guinness World Records.

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