'Normal' mansion houses 'weird' secret village: 'Make it stop'

If you’re in the market for a new mansion, a 7-bedroom, 8-bathroom house in Potomac, Maryland, with a Christmas village in the basement can be yours for a cool $4.5 million.

Yes, you read that correctly: There is a Christmas village in the basement. The house’s bizarre basement recently became a topic of discussion on Twitter after user victoriaxxviii posted now-viral photos of it.

“My friend found a listing for an otherwise normal mcmansion that seemingly has a little…. fake… town (?) in the basement,” she captioned the unusual photos, which have amassed more than 311,000 likes.

If you take a closer look at the house listing, you’ll notice that the basement is described as “turn of the century.” The photo of the post office and movie theatre storefronts (????), meanwhile, is described as “authentic store front facades.”

Credit: Washington Fine Properties
Credit: Washington Fine Properties

All in all, the listing notes that the basement has 15 storefronts, plus cobblestone streets with real, working cars. Evidently, this is what rich people do with their spare rooms when they have 12,089 square feet to mess around with.

Credit: Washington Fine Properties
Credit: Washington Fine Properties

Twitter users are both confused and delighted by the Potomac house’s mysterious basement village.

“It’s cute…if you’re gonna be rich please be a weird eccentric…” one person joked.

“Make it stop,” another user wrote.

“Omg yes it looks like one of those childrens museums,” a third person noted.

Some people compared the strange basement to Barbra Streisand’s, which features a “doll shop.”

“Apparently this is just a thing that rich people do,” one user remarked.

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