Man hits back at critic who told him he would look more attractive with filters


In a hilarious but unusual twist, a Kentucky man fired back at a critic who claimed he would look more attractive by posting photos with filters.

On May 8, 47-year-old Glenn Embrey of Caneyville took to Facebook to share multiple photos of himself with a deadpan expression on his face.

“Somebody said the ladies will find me a lot more attractive if I post pictures with filters,” he wrote. "I have some doubts but what do I know, right? So here goes. Man my phones probably gonna really blow up.”

Instead of using filters that add effects to his selfies, he posted images of himself holding actual filters, including those found in coffee pots, humidifiers and vacuum cleaners, while wearing the same red shirt.

The series became an instant hit on Facebook, where it has since been shared over 133,000 times and received over 13,000 comments.

“You’d better get a date out of this, because this is everything,” one person quipped.

“Well it’s better than loads of pics holding fish,” another joked.

“You need a lady who appreciates that sense of humor … and if she knows what each of those filters is, then she’s a keeper,” a third added.

There is no word as to whether Embrey was able to filter through the comments to find the love of his life.

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