Woman sparks regional debate with contentious food photo: ‘No idea what this is’

A Twitter user is sparking a massive regional debate all with a seemingly simple question: “What is this snack called?”

Claire Downs, a TV writer and researcher based in Los Angeles, posed the question in a May 22 tweet that has since received nearly 7,000 replies. In her post, she shared a close-up photo of a bowl of Chex cereal covered in a powdery, sugary substance.

“Where you are from, what is this called?” Downs asked.

The answer, it turns out, is not so straightforward. Downs originally wrote that her brother-in-law, who is from Oklahoma, calls the mixture “white trash,” adding that to him, it’s considered a Christmastime treat.

Countless Twitter users disagreed on that name, however. Commenters replied to Downs’ tweet with a wide-ranging array of suggestions — from “puppy chow” to “muddy buddies” to “reindeer poo.”

“In the Florida swampland we call that Satan’s teeth, or Christmas Crunchers during the holiday,” one user claimed.

Others were completely perplexed by the argument, writing that they’d never heard of the snack food — regardless of its name.

“[I’m from] California and I’ve never seen that,” one user replied.

“I have no idea what this is. looks like frosted mini wheats with extra frosting,” another added.

The what is subject to change by region and even family, but in general, the recipe involves covering Chex and other cereals with a mixture of melted chocolate, powdered sugar and some kind of nut butter. Chex even produces its own version of the snack — which, for those looking for some sort of authority, is called “Muddy Buddies.”

However, on Twitter, the answer wasn’t so definite. The regionally specific responses got so widespread that Downs ultimately put together a list of every name she’d seen in the thread. It even included some international versions:

Ultimately, there seemed to be no clear answer as to where each name is used. Still, Downs’ tweet seemed to teach plenty of people about a delicious new snack option.

“I have never heard of this and judging from the recipe I need to make some,” one Twitter user wrote.

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