No yeast or flour? Make this easy cookie dough bread with just 4 ingredients

For those who have grown weary of baking banana bread dozens of times over the past several weeks, there's a new quick bread recipe taking over social media ... and you don't even need flour to make it.

The recipe is straightforward and uses just a handful of staple pantry ingredients, plus it looks and tastes like a chocolate chip cookie.

Cookie dough bread, as it's been called, may sound like a calorie bomb, but this recipe is actually free of gluten and yeast, plus it's very low in sugar.

Wellness blogger Bethany Ugarte first posted the recipe on her blog in August 2018 and, as more people started adopting their own baking routines at home, she reposted it on Instagram earlier this month. In her caption, Ugarte shared that the bread has become a staple in her home lately.

To whip up the doughy loaf, all you need is baking soda, eggs, cashew butter and chocolate chips. To note, if you're trying to eliminate as much sugar as possible, opt for dark chocolate chips as many other kinds, like milk chocolate, have more sweeteners added.

To make the bread, first whisk the baking soda and eggs together "until peaks form," add the cashew butter and continue to mix until it's all combined. After pouring the batter into a lined loaf tin, add the chocolate chips and bake for about 25 minutes.

Others have been playing around with their own variations of cookie dough bread on Instagram and TikTok.

Don't have cashew butter? Some people have fused the trendy no-yeast peanut butter bread recipe with cookie dough bread by substituting peanut butter for cashew butter. One person who tried it said the result was "fluffy and filling," but slightly drier than the original.

Don't feel like slicing? Others made the bread into muffins and swirled chocolate chips throughout the batter.

Going straight into YOLO mode? One version of the recipe combined banana bread with cookie dough bread, then topped the finished treat with raw, edible cookie dough for a truly dense version of the original snack.