McDonald’s customer divides internet with drive-thru ‘life hack’: ‘Where did you learn that?’


A McDonald’s customer is going viral after sharing her “life hack” for managing drive-thru orders.

The tip, which some social media users found “brilliant” and others deemed unhelpful, was shared on TikTok by a German user named c1loves. In her video, the user demonstrates how she’s able to balance her entire meal with a simple, handmade device.

“Did you know this?” c1loves captioned her clip in German.

Basically, the hack involves splitting open a McDonald’s sandwich container and, using the tiny hole in its side, situating it over the straw of a beverage. Once the sandwich box is secure, c1loves pours her fries into the other side of the container, giving her an entire meal that she can hold in one hand while driving.

“Life hack?” the TikToker asks as she displays her creation at the end of the clip before saying “I didn’t know this” in German.

Many commenters were impressed by the video, which has garnered nearly 650,000 views.

“Really? Now I have to go to McDonald’s and try this,” one user wrote.

“Where did you learn that?” another asked.

Others were more critical though, either commenting that they’d seen the hack before or proposing reasons why it might not be as effective as it seems.

“When you drink you’ll get a face full of fries,” one user suggested.

“It can also be that the straw [breaks] and spills everything,” another added.

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