Dynamic sweeper cleans feed troughs, eliminates manual work

Cows deserve to eat off a clean plate too.

The Dymax Feed Bunk Sweeper makes maintaining trough and feeder hygiene much easier. It removes muck, snow and scum to keep feeders fresh.

The sweeper conveniently attaches to standard skid loaders and small wheel loaders — multitasking construction vehicles you’d find on most farms. The sweeper eliminates long, tedious hours spent shoveling and keeps the cows happy too.

The Dymax Feed Bunk Sweeper is powered by a high torque, low-speed hydraulic motor. As the vehicle drives parallel to the trough, the sweeper brushes out any unwanted materials. Its durable poly bristles make it ideal for inclement weather and stuck-on grime. Meanwhile, the adjustable arm with a telescoping boom means the sweeper is flexible enough to work on troughs of all sizes.

Dymax has been manufacturing steel and related materials for five generations. The company is home to other useful farming equipment attachments like brush cutters, grapples and rakes.

Many YouTuber users expressed an interest in using the Feed Bunk Sweeper themselves.

“I shovel feed about 5 times a week, one of these would be nice,” one YouTube user wrote.

“I have to scoop ours out every couple of days. That thing would beat the crap out shoveling,” another added.

“That’s really something!” one person commented.

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