Buffalo Wild Wings throws shade at Applebee’s and its ‘sub-par wings’ after customer felt conned

Casual dining restaurant Buffalo Wild Wings has been reaching out to customers who have felt conned by Applebee’s “virtual restaurant.”

Recently, Applebee’s launched Neighborhood Wings, a “virtual restaurant” on GrubHub that is designed to give its customers “their Applebee’s wings fix” and its own chefs “an opportunity to test out new items made for wing lovers that aren’t on our main menu,” Scott Gladstone, the vice president of Applebee’s strategy and development, said in a statement obtained by Fox News.

Though Neighborhood Wings is listed on the online food ordering service as an Applebee’s property, several customers have mistaken the establishment as something other than that.

On May 22, for instance, a woman by the name of Ana Teresa shared an experience in which someone she knew ordered wings thinking they were from a local restaurant. She tweeted in response to another Twitter user who accused Chuck E. Cheese of tricking people into ordering its pizza by operating under the name Pasqually’s Pizza & Wings on GrubHub.

“Anthony ordered wings from grub hub and it said neighborhood wings so he thought he was getting wings from a close by place and it was Applebee’s,” the woman wrote.

Buffalo Wild Wings eventually caught wind of her tweet and offered to make up for Anthony’s experience by sending a gift card.

“Hey Ana, Buffalo Wild Wings here,” the franchise tweeted back. “That is so not cool, Anthony deserves better than sub-par wings. Have him send an email with a screenshot of his ‘Neighborhood Wings’ receipt to us at realwings@buffalowildwings.com and we’ll hook him up with a gift card for some real wings.”

In a statement to Fox News, a representative for Buffalo Wild Wings said that the restaurant would only offer the deal to people who tweeted about their bad GrubHub experience and if the restaurant itself tweeted back.

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