Ambidextrous artist stuns viewers with symmetrical drawings


Single line art is when an artist uses a continuous line to create an image without lifting the pencil or utensil off the canvas. The popular trend is inspired by the simple line drawings of faces and bodies by Matisse and Picasso.

Some might call Utah-based artist Miriam Tribe an expert at this. Tribe is so impressive, she can create pieces ambidextrously. A video of her masterful technique scored nine million views on TikTok, where the artist usually shares her stunning works.

In the clip, Tribe holds a red marker in her left hand and a black marker in her right. She begins by drawing two circles close to the center of the canvas. Parallel lines guided by her hands emerge from the circle to create eyebrows, a nose, mouth, hair, ears and bust. The image is somehow both organic and symmetrical — not an easy thing to achieve.

TikTok users praised Tribe’s drawing in the comments.

“I feel like you have to have a great sense of anatomical perspective to do this,” one user wrote.

“Marvelous skills, like playing piano,” one person said.

“I can’t even pick a pen properly with my left hand,” another added.

The only thing more soothing than looking at continuous line art is perhaps, seeing how it’s made. Even Tribe is moved by her own videos.

“I always feel a little narcissistic admitting that I love watching my own drawing videos,” Tribe wrote on Instagram. “It’s just that watching a face take shape is a really different experience than drawing it! When I’m drawing, my eyes are usually just focused on the current position of the line, whereas watching the video I get to see the whole face emerge.”

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