Amateur chef stuns internet with 'genius' fast food hack: 'You've just changed the game'


A TikTok user has come up with a way to combine McDonald’s and KFC — but whether it’s genius or gross is for you to decide.

On May 16, the user, who goes by Cheetah Eater, shared his creation: the MacZinger.

In order to make it, he puts the Zinger chicken fillets from KFC between the buns of a Big Mac so that it has all the delicious condiments of a Big Mac and the crispy crunch of KFC chicken.

If you’re feeling extra ravenous, you can even make your MacZinger a double with twice the buns and twice the chicken patties.

In the comments, TikTok users were drooling over Cheetah Eater’s creation, noting that he “did something here.”

“You’ve just changed the game,” one person said.

“This is actually a good idea from tik tok for once,” another user added.

“GENIUS!!” a third person remarked.

Though some McDonald’s and KFC purists noted that they’d prefer not to mix and match fast food meals, most people agreed that Cheetah Eater’s concoction was “what everyone wants.”

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