This innovative duvet cover is the fastest way to make a bed


The Koa Cover is one of those innovative designs that make you say: why didn’t anyone think of this before? Anyone who has had the unfortunate task of shoving a comforter into a duvet cover knows how needlessly time-consuming it is.

The Koa totally redesigns the standard duvet cover by using two zippers. It breaks down the task into three steps.

First, lay the cover flat on the bed and open the zipper that runs through the middle of the Koa. Then, insert the duvet by tucking in its corners. Finally, zip the Koa closed in the middle and bottom.

For those who won’t settle for anything less than the perfect bedding experience, the Koa even has corner ties so the duvet never bunches. It’s made of 100 percent natural cotton, sustainably sourced in Portugal, and a 200 thread count. The high quality, single ply yarn has a soft and fine finish.

Founders Ben King and Luke Gray came up with the idea when Gray’s grandmother could no longer change the duvet because it was too difficult. They then conducted a survey of 150 people and found that 78 percent said they’d change the duvet more frequently if it was easier.

To prove the Koa was truly more efficient, King beat the world record by changing the duvet cover in 26.5 seconds.

“When we saw the world record was 39.41 seconds we knew we could beat it and we did,” King told Kent Online. “With our cover there is no shaking or wrestling, it’s so much less faff.”

The Koa isn’t in stores yet, but you can become a backer on Kickstarter.

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