Bear capable of opening a car door honestly deserves its own Mercedes

With humans indoors for prolonged periods of time, nature is healing.

Though dolphins are not returning to the Venice canals as some claimed, penguins are roaming aquarium halls, rodents are once again eating pizza off the ground — and now a bear is reclaiming its territory.

TikTok user MadlyExplore shared a video of a bear stalking a Mercedes, then nonchalantly opening the door as if it belonged to the creature the whole time.

“The audacity… ever seen a bear try to steal a car,” the user wrote in his caption.

Footage showed the bear slowly approaching the car as onlookers scream.

“Bear, go home,” one person yelled.

“Are you sure you locked the door?” another said.

A chorus of screams and expletives then erupted — with one person expertly emulating a car alarm — as the bear opened the car door, looked up in the direction of all the yelling, slowly backed up, then disappeared into the woods.

Thankfully, no one did anything rash or tried to hurt the bear, and now there’s a brilliant animal that can stand on its hind legs, out loose, in the forest — which sounds like a delightful movie premise.

Legally speaking, the bear owns the car now. The former owners should give him the keys and back away slowly.

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