Benign housesitting request turns into voyeurism accusation: 'Pervert'

A Reddit user is riling people up after sharing the way their friend used their belongings without their permission.

The homeowner, writing under the username EnoughYellow6, shared their situation in Reddit’s AITA (Am I The A******) forum. In the post, they described how a friend offering to dog-sit turned into a potential legal battle.

‘She wants to file charges against me’

The Redditor began by explaining that back in February, they asked a friend to “visit and let [their] dog out and feed her a few times a time” while they were out of town. Easy enough, right?

Well, a few weeks ago, EnoughYellow6 discovered that the friend who had housesat didn’t do such a good job.

“Unbeknownst to me until two weeks ago, apparently she used my hot tub,” they wrote. “Not just her, but two friends of hers did as well. And, they decided to hot tub without clothing.”

EnoughYellow6 made this shocking discovery thanks to the cameras they have installed around their property. “About six months ago I installed security cameras on my property. One indoors to monitor the baby’s room and three outdoors: one facing the porch, one my backyard, and one my rear door. I have a hot tub by the rear door,” they explained.

Naturally, when EnoughYellow6 came across the footage, they confronted their friend. In response, though, the friend “freaked out, calling [them] a pervert.”

“She says it’s my responsibility to tell people I have cameras around my property, even if their usage is benign,” EnoughYellow6 wrote. “She wants to file charges against me for voyeurism. Sure, I watched the clip but only to see the extent of it and I deleted it after I was done with it. I counter that her friends were trespassing and I didn’t permit use of my hot tub to begin with.”

‘She’s mad she got caught’

The overwhelming majority of Reddit users are siding with EnoughYellow6 in the comments, noting that their friend is just “mad she got caught.”

“If you willingly go on someone’s property without their permission, in front of a camera and strip down, nothing they did makes it voyeurism,” one user noted. “What they’re doing is taking advantage of you. CUT THEM OFF.”

“She was asked to walk the dog,” another user added. “That I do believe does not happen by hopping to hot tub.”

Some people, however, think the homeowner should have alerted their friend to the security cameras.

“When you ask someone to house sit and pet[sit] it’s common courtesy to alert them to your cameras and their locations,” one person noted. “Not disclosing that you have a camera pointed at your tub definitely makes you look like a bit of a perv, even if you aren’t watching the reel.”

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