This phone app lets you copy and paste your surroundings directly into Photoshop

Developer Cyril Diagne may have revealed the future of AR.

A new app called “AR Copy Paste” allows users to snap photos of their surroundings and instantly paste them into Adobe Photoshop. Diagne showed off the easy user interface on Twitter.

In the clip, Diagne gives us the view from his phone camera. He snaps a photo of a plant. The app detects the object and only captures the plant, not its surrounding area. Diagne then instantly pastes it into the Photoshop app open on his laptop. He does the same thing with a book and clothing mannequin.

The app and the way it integrates across multiple devices means no more cropping photos, cutting objects or emailing yourself images. Everything is instantaneous. The video received over 5 million views on Twitter. People were impressed.

“It is not software-craft, it is witchcraft,” one user wrote.

“This is the devil’s work! Get back Satan! Seriously though… this is neato,” another said.

“This is amazingly cool AND useful. If you aren’t impressed with this, check your pulse,” another added.

For interested developers and photo editors, Diagne shared the software on Github and a beta version of the app is available for iOS and Android.

AR stands for Augmented Reality. Anyone who has played Pokémon Go is pretty well-versed on what the experience can be. It’s a technology that superimposes sounds, images and text onto the world. It typically requires an app and a camera like on your phone or Google Lens.

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