PETA sparks backlash with ‘insensitive’ billboards: ‘Incredibly disrespectful’


PETA is no stranger to controversy, especially when it comes to its billboards and advertising.

Recently, the animal rights group stirred controversy with billboards it put up in both U.S. and international cities. The billboard featured a smiling block of tofu with the statement “Tofu never caused a pandemic. Try it today!”

The message on the billboard is referencing the global pandemic, which PETA has openly claimed is directly correlated to meat consumption. (The World Health Organization (WHO) is still investigating the origins of the disease.)

“PETA has long warned about the health risks associated with eating meat,” the organization says on its website. “After all, raising animals for food in filthy conditions is a breeding ground for diseases that can be transmitted to humans.”

On social media, people are criticizing PETA for its “insensitive” billboards during such a stressful and unprecedented time.

“I find it very insensitive for PETA to have a billboard that states, ‘Tofu would never cause a pandemic’ just a few miles from one of NJ’s largest healthcare systems filled with people who are fighting for their lives right now,” one person wrote. “Not the right time, PETA.”

“@PETA Take down your ‘eating tofu never caused a global pandemic’ billboard on the new jersey turnpike,” another user tweeted. “Not only is it racist but it’s incredibly disrespectful to everyone who has died or is fighting for their life to insinuate that its because they eat meat.”

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