Makeup artist creates mind-boggling manicures on TikTok

TikTok has become a home to numerous artists and designers, and makeup is no exception.

Special effects makeup artist Missy or @rebelrebel911 shares clips of her elaborate, ornate and mindboggling projects across the platform, but it’s her insane manicures that are catching people’s attention.

Most people can’t do their non-dominant hand without disaster striking, but her mushroom mani is the pinnacle of perfection.

In the clip, she coats her fingertips with prosthetic skin to cover the nail and extend the length of her fingers. Then she begins to add detail to her hand like the roots and mushroom heads, all made of the artificial skin. Once she has sculpted the shapes, she adds color, depth and shading with makeup. Missy even sticks on a few leaves for added effect.

But those who prefer a daintier aesthetic may like this simpler rose manicure.

“I guess it’s true what they say, I’ve really got a green thumb, don’t I?” Missy says in the video.

In it, all of her fingers are bare except the thumb. Missy used prosthetics so it looks like a set of three roses have grown out of the finger. Green moss, mushrooms and the small bouquet bloom up from her palm, wrap around the thumb and emerge on top. It’s stunning.

Finally, you’ll want to check out this montage of some of Missy’s finest manicures. It includes one with delicate white flowers growing from her hand, a mermaid hand with scales and blue talons, and a sea creature with tentacles instead of fingers.

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