4 cute ways for high school seniors to ask dates to delayed proms

4 cute ways for high school seniors to ask dates to delayed proms

The last few months have been long and weird, to say the least. Thankfully, for high school seniors, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel: Many schools across the country are moving forward with blueprints for Prom 2.0.

Some proms will unfold later in the summer, while others won’t come to fruition until fall, winter or maybe even 2021. The pandemic curveball has made it really hard to plan stuff, but one thing you can still plan to perfection is your promposal.

Still racking your brain for cute (and inexpensive) ideas? Try making the most out of the resources you already have, like…

A car: Drive-by “parties” have been cheering up neighborhoods since mid-March, and a sweet promposal is an unexpected re-imagination of the idea. Don’t forget to get the aux cord going and play the perfect background music as you roll up. Congrats, you’re officially living inside a rom-com.

Takeout delivery: Your future date will have a hard time saying no to a meal from his or her favorite restaurant. Extra points if you wear a tux while presenting him or her with $10 Chipotle.

TikTok: There are tons of dances already making the rounds, so learn one and add your own spin with a surprise question at the end.

For four great 2020 promposal ideas, watch the video above.

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