TikTok influencer has the best everyday clothing hacks

Hannah Warling is a Los Angeles-based storyteller and content creator. She shares bite-sized fashion and beauty hacks to over 271,000 followers on TikTok.

In one video with almost 4 million views, Warling shows how to securely cuff jeans to give off an ’80s vibe. Wearing straight leg jeans, she pulls a hair elastic over her ankles and rolls the cuffs up twice — the elastic holding it in place so you don’t have to keep adjusting throughout the day.

Warling’s hack for loose leggings was another success with 732,000 views. She solved the relatable problem by first, folding the legging’s waistband over. Warling then ties a shoelace around the folded fabric. She lifts the excess material over the string, then tucks it in to conceal it. Loose leggings no more!

But it’s her hoodie styling video that’s the real smash. The tutorial racked up 2.6 million views. In it, Warling turns the sweater’s dangling drawstrings into something a bit more decorative. She wraps the string around her middle and index fingers. Then she inserts the tip of the string into the space between the fingers to create a loop. Next, she inserts the string in the new loop. The result is an adorable knot that adds a little something special to any old hoodie.

“OMG, that’s so unique! Love it,” one user wrote.

“I’m definitely gonna try this,” another said.

“Where was this when I was in fourth grade,” another joked.

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