This net can safely stop a moving car in its tracks

ArrestNet by Pasci EMC is a non-lethal way to stop a car in its tracks within seconds. The portable product releases a high strength net in the path of the target automobile, so when the net’s built-in barbed spikes pierce the front tires, the car must come to a safe stop.

ArrestNet can stop a 6,000-pound SUV traveling at 60 miles per hour within seconds. As soon as the SUV drives over the net, it will slow down and come to a halt immediately.

The device is favored by law enforcement and the military because it’s a non-violent solution that can end potentially dangerous situations. The ArrestNet is not available for commercial use.

The way it works is, when the net is prepped and laid out in the roadway, the oncoming vehicle’s wheels will automatically pull the netting up from the ground and it will wrap around the front tires, causing the wheels to lock.

Pacsi EMC is a comprehensive engineering company that designs mission-specific solutions down to the molecular level. The organization has been at it for over 65 years and has notable partners like the Air Force Association, Association of the United States Army and the National Armaments Consortium.

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