These semi-permanent tattoo kits look too real


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There has been a running trend on TikTok that involves people giving themselves “QuaranTattoos.” And while many of them are trained professionals and apprentices of the age-old craft, there are also many people (like celebrities) who are not. But in lieu of potentially harming yourself, you can look to semi-permanent tattoo kits instead.

I know what you’re thinking. Semi-permanent tattoo kits don’t leave a permanent tattoo. But it also won’t become a big deal if and when you smudge ink that’ll only last for two weeks. Stars like Paris Jackson have been seen applying stick and poke tattoos. Even Kaia Gerber admitted to trying her hand at a stick and poke tattoo and would not recommend unless you’re a professional. Not to mention, you won’t hurt yourself in the process or spread any more germs than people are already trying to limit. But these tattoo kits include skin-safe ink, stencils, and drawing tools to create your own not-so-long-lasting design.

If you are so tempted to mark up your body (safely) you can turn to some of these realistic tattoo kits.

Shop: Inkbox Freehand Pro Kit, $55

Credit: Amazon

This Freehand Pro Kit from Inkbox lets you freehand your own tattoo designs. The brand uses a plant-based formula in its For Now Ink. In other words, the ink only seeps into the epidermis of the skin and is made from cruelty-free ingredients.

Shop: Comdoit Temporary Tattoo Kit Semi Permanent Tattoo, $15.99

Credit: Amazon

In this henna tattoo kit, you get four bottles of ink (two black and two brown). Plus, one bottle can make about 30 small tattoos designs. The metal tip on the bottle allows for more detail, and this kit includes an 18-piece adhesive tattoo stencil if you’re not an artist.

Shop: Beefly Jagua Temporary Tattoos Kit, $14.99

Credit: Amazon

Similarly, this Beefly tattoo kit includes only two bottles, however it comes with a set of stencils that are a little easier to stencil in. You can shop it for $14.99

Shop: – Freehand Ink, Premium Quality Temporary Tattoo Ink, $29.99

Credit: Amazon

This kit from reigns as Amazon’s choice for temporary tattoos. Using the tracing paper, you can outline your favorite illustration. After applying the kit’s deodorant to your body, you can apply the tracing paper. Then, it’s as easy as filling in the design.

Shop: BIC BodyMark Temporary Tattoo Marker, $18.66

Credit: Amazon

Even the pen brand that everyone uses carries tattoo pens. If you’re the type of person that simply doodles on your arm, these temporary tattoo markers may be your jam. You can easily draw out your own designs on your skin, however, the brand recommends you keep the ink away from your eyes or lips.

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