Customer reveals we've been drinking this Starbucks product incorrectly for years

A Starbucks lover is blowing minds after revealing the proper way to consume the brand’s popular bottled frappuccinos.

TikToker naatalie_lee revealed on the platform that the drinks are actually meant to be placed in a freezer for a few hours, where they transform into the beloved frosty drinks blended fresh at the chain.

“I saw on TikTok that you’re actually supposed to put this into the freezer for it to turn into a frappuccino,” she says in her now-viral video.

After leaving the beverage in her freezer for several hours, naatalie_lee removes the drink and shakes it up, producing a perfectly frosty drink.

Pop a straw in there, and you’re good to go.

The aha moment came as a rude awakening to other customers, who had apparently been misusing the product for years.

“I can not believe how many melted frappes I’ve drank,” wrote one woman.

“I, a Starbucks employee, didn’t know this,” wrote a confirmed barista.

“I was always so confused as to why they were called frappuccinos,” replied another.

As someone who used to drink these frappes in college like it was my major, I was also in the dark about the freezer method until this very moment. Sometimes, I’d even drink them at room temp if a refrigerator was not in my immediate vicinity. (Anarchistic, I know.)

Sure, the bottle is clearly marked as a “chilled coffee drink.” But, if you think about it, “chilled” could mean served over ice or stored in a cold refrigerator until ready to be consumed.

Nowhere on the bottle or on Starbucks’ website does it say “best served frozen.” We could have never known we were doing this wrong all along, and this is a hill I’m willing to die on.

Still, I’m happy to have learned the drink’s true purpose — even this late in the game.

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