Mom issues terrifying warning after being 'hunted' at Target: 'I will never forget'


A woman opened up about a horrifying experience she had while shopping in Target.

A 31-year-old mom of two young children shared her story to Reddit’s LetsNotMeet forum, where users share “true stories of creepy encounters.”

‘His facial expression was blank’

The woman, who writes under the username Peeky-Lou, said she ventured out to go shopping at Target around 8:30 p.m. one day in December.

She said she’s no stranger to the dangers of human trafficking, so she left the house with several legal self-defense items, parked directly next to the store and took note of the vehicles parked nearby before entering the store.

“I had been browsing for only 10 to 15 minutes when I noticed a young gentleman. He was tall, skinny, dressed in a dirty grey two-piece sweatsuit, and brown work boots,” Peeky-Lou wrote. “He looked over at me, I smiled and said hello but his facial expression was blank.”

She said she wasn’t alarmed by him, but was struck by the fact that he didn’t have a cart or a basket — he was just wandering through the aisles.

Moments later, she noticed a second young man in a similar outfit. He didn’t have a cart or a basket, either.

Around 15 minutes after that, she noticed a third man in the exact same situation.

“I had a bad feeling about these three men, and it became clear that something was a bit off,” she wrote.


Over the next 20 minutes, Peeky-Lou felt as if she was being followed by the three men.

She began picking random aisles and walking around in an unorganized fashion, and every time, one of the three men would pass by her, making their presence known.

“It felt as if I was being surrounded like a wild animal —hunted, even,” she wrote. “They were no longer trying to be inconspicuous, which was the scariest part of it all, and everything instinctual was screaming at me to get out of there.”

‘I will never forget the darkness in his eyes’

After an hour of wandering around the store, Peeky-Lou decided to check out — but on her way there, she locked eyes with one of the men.

“I will never forget the darkness in his eyes,” she wrote. “An eerie smirk formed on his face as he nudged my shoulder continuing to stare me down, walking backwards to hold his sinister gaze as he exited out the store.

After experiencing a “desperation” she said she hadn’t felt since she was a child, Peeky-Lou carefully asked a cashier if she could speak to a manager, who arranged for a male employee to walk her to her car and alerted the authorities.

“What I saw as I exited the store made me so sick to my stomach, solidifying all of my suspicions,” she continued. “A white windowless van was parked in the lot directly behind my car … one of the men seated in the driver’s seat and the other two leaning against the side of the van facing my car attempting to hide out of view.”

She said she didn’t know what would have happened if she had gone out to her car alone, and warned other women to take the same precautions if they feel they are being followed.

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