Mom gives her baby girl a spa day in adorable video


Even babies need a spa day too. All that crying, sleeping and playing can get intense.

Mommy influencer Bruna Fava shared a video of the spa day she gave her baby girl Natalie Philipe on TikTok — and honestly, we’re a little jealous.

First, Fava uses a jade roller to lightly massage Natalie’s face. Next, it’s a “hydrotherapy” bath where Natalie luxuriates in bubbles, followed by a foot massage. The little girl’s tiny foot is small enough to fit between her mother’s two fingers. Then, Fava treats Natalie to a baby manicure with a gentle infant nail file. Finally, she gets a massage from mommy with baby oil.

The baby spa day racked up 8.8 million views. TikTok users took it as an opportunity to roast their own parents a bit. Not every kid gets a baby spa day and it shows!

“Bruh, I’m sending this to my mom, it’s never too late,” one person replied.

“One time my mom let me roll off the bed and I was stuck between the bed and the nightstand for three hours,” another joked.

“My dad forgot me in a tent on a camping trip for six hours. He went home and had to come back,” another commented.

In case you’re wondering: yes, baby spas are actually a thing. At least at Baby Spa Perth which offers massages and hydrotherapy sessions for babies. The Australian salon claims that hydrotherapy increases lung capacity, helps muscle growth and improves sleep. But perhaps most of all it’s a family activity.

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