Mechanic builds monowheel bike that looks straight out of a movie

A Filipino mechanic’s monocycle has drawn comparisons to one from “Men in Black 3.”

Ronie Georfo recorded a video of the inventive mechanic’s unique motorcycle. The bike looks more like the rider is sitting in a giant hoop than like any kind of vehicle.

“It was my first time seeing those kinds of motorcycles,” Georfo told Newsflare. “I have only seen it in the movies but I never imagined ever seeing one in the Philippines. Some people watching called it ‘the social distancing motorcycle.'”

In the video, onlookers gather around the strange sci-fi bike. Its creator, who goes by “Suy-Suy” according to Georfo, gives them a show.

At first, it looks like the entire bike will loop around and he’ll be flipped upside down. But fortunately, it stays upright and balanced.

The single wheel is actually not the circular structure. If you look closely, it’s a smaller wheel located under the seat. Suy-Suy can ride it like a pro, albeit it’s a little wobbly, but the bike appears to be functional.

Georfo’s clip of the unusual monocycle sparked a bit of debate on Facebook with nearly 9,000 comments. Some said the monocycle was inspired by “Men in Black 3,” while others claimed it was from “Power Rangers: Space Patrol Delta.” But many were reminded of an episode of “South Park” where a character builds a similar-looking bike.

“‘MIB3’ looks awesome,” one person commented.

“Damn, the guy got the white ranger bike from ‘Power Rangers SPD’,” another said.

“The one from ‘South Park’?” another Facebook user added.

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