This over-the-top drag makeover was inspired by Long Island women

Tune into Dragged every Thursday, where drag queens Marti Gould Cummings and Jasmine Rice LaBeija help to transform and make over everyday people into their dream versions of drag queens.

Long Island women are known for being unapologetically bold and larger-than-life — and so are drag queens. Combine the two together and you have an unstoppable, feminine force that’s both brashly intimidating and undeniably powerful. It’s a recipe for the best kind of trouble.

On the newest episode of “Dragged,” contestant Russell, a Long Island-raised man, wants to represent the strong women in his family through drag. With the help of seasoned drag queens Marti Gould Cummings and Jasmine Rice LaBeija, Russell is ready to bring some Jewish-and-proud Long Island realness to the drag scene.

“Have you ever tucked before?” Cummings asks Russell. “Do you know how uncomfortable it is?”

“I will after today,” Russell responds. And with that, she’s ready to be transformed, folks!

Credit: Cyle Suesz for In The Know

While Russell is getting his eyebrows glued down and his powder caked, Cummings and LaBeija dig through the “Dragged” closet for a perfect look.

“For Long Island, I always think of leopard, red or a boot,” Cummings says. Needless to say, the queens are right on track. Spoiler: They went with the boot.

When it comes to a drag name, Russell turns up the Long Island inspiration, choosing the name Shawna Tova. The name is a play on the traditional Jewish greeting of “shana tova,” which is used during Rosh Hashanah and translates to “good year.” And with that, this no-nonsense queen is ready to serve.

Credit: Cyle Suesz for In The Know

With over-the-knee boots, a flouncy skirt and a smoky, gemmed-eye look, this queen serves Long Island femininity. And she does it all with a red lip.

Russell says his favorite part of the look is the blonde wig, which is big, curly and teased to the gods. As if you’d expect anything else from Long Island’s newest Jewish drag queen.

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