Chiropractor reveals simple fix for debilitating neck pain: 'I just cried watching'

A Seattle chiropractor shared a quick and easy fix for the piercing neck pain that those currently working at less-than-ideal makeshift desks know all too well.

Dr. Daniel DeLucchi, of Tuttle DeLucchi Chiropractic & Massage in Washington, explained the simple maneuver on TikTok, where it has since been viewed over 1.7 million times.

To mitigate neck pain, which can radiate down the back and into the shoulder, DeLucchi advises sitting up straight on a chair or another sturdy surface, “anchoring” down by placing one arm behind you, rotating your head 45 degrees and, with your free arm, pulling your head away from your anchored arm.

Watch the process in the video below:

The stretch has worked for a few happy TikTokers, who flocked to the comments section to share their appreciation.

“Literally sobbing in my bathroom. Thank you,” one wrote. “I’ve been practically immobile all day with this exact pain. This just (basically) fixed it.”

“This is my exact neck pain,” said another. “I know when it inflames it’s the main cause of my migraines and of course overall pain in the area. Thank you!”

“I just cried watching (this),” wrote a third. “I’ve been dealing with a trigger point there for 3 years and it’s so amazing seeing u draw the exact place.”

The trigger point referenced in the video is called a “levator scapulae,” which DeLucchi says is one of the most common sources of neck and back pain.

The levator scapulae muscle’s function is to assist with various neck, arm and shoulder movements, but it often becomes tense, which can lead to radiating pain in the region, restricted range of movement and even splitting headaches, according to Physiopedia.

Common treatments include postural advice to ease the demand on the levator scapulae and stretching exercises to relieve tension, as DeLucchi demonstrated.

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