A prankster dad turned his entire home into a ball pit

A father from the U.K. turned his entire home into a ball pit without his family knowing.

Joel Conder has a reputation for surprising his four daughters with practical jokes and stunts. He posts the antics on the family’s Dad V Girls YouTube channel that has over 900,000 subscribers.

“Some of the videos we want to do, I almost sometimes think, ‘What would have been my childhood fantasy?'” Conder told the New York Post.

In the video, Conder calls his wife to make sure she won’t be home for a while. While the house is empty, he fills the entire ground floor with the balloons. The pit is no joke. The numerous balls are packed dense enough to hit his waist. When the mother and daughters return home, they exclaim with joy at the surprise. Family members ride suitcases down the stairs to plunge into the balls and jump off of surfaces into the pit.

Conder secretly came up with the idea as a fun thing to do during the quarantine. The family is careful to take strict precautions because one of the daughters is immunocompromised and has asthma.

“My wife and my kids didn’t know,” Conder explained. “I was working on the idea with my friend and I was like, ‘It can’t just be like a few balls around your ankles; you’ve got to jump in and get lost in it.’”

The father did not disclose how he safely pulled off the surprise but he did say he used 250,000 balls.

“We probably will never get this chance again as families, to all be at home together. Let’s just make the absolute most of it — let’s try and get back to real family life,” he said.

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