Calligrapher uses nostalgic art set and it will bring back all the feels

Low art meets high art in this video from Sarah Style.

The artist is known for her colorful lettering that mixes calligraphy with funky patterns, watercolors and cool designs. However, one piece of Style’s work has an added touch of nostalgia — to create a lettering background, she used a children’s watercolor rainbow magic art set.

You might remember the corny TV commercials from your childhood, but using the kit today is still as easy as “dip, dab and draw.” All you have to do is dip the sponge brush into the solution and dab it on the color blocks to draw. The alleged “magic” is the color-blocked rainbow effect the brush strokes create.

It was a stroke (pun intended) of genius for Style to incorporate the childhood craft into her art. After making a zig-zag rainbow with the kit, she uses a Marvy Uchida deco-color golden paint pen to draw over the rainbow with the word “stunnin.”

“Stunnin… Okay, maybe it was supposed to say ‘stunning,’ but ya know, my spacing was off, so you have to go with the flow,” Style wrote in the caption.

The video racked up over 630,000 views on Instagram.

“I had two of those as a kid, lol,” one Instagram user wrote.

“I used to have one of these as a child. I would paint all day with my cousin! It has brought back a lot of memories! Although our art definitely didn’t look half as good as this! Great work,” another commented.

“Whoa! You took it way back with that art set. Lol, I love it,” one person added.

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