At-home wax pebbles are easy to use and satisfying to watch

The company Pearl Wax has capitalized on the growing popularity of mesmerizing beauty treatments and shared videos of customers using their colorful wax products to the delight of thousands of viewers.

One video shows a woman spreading blue wax onto her armpit. Another shows the wax pellets melting into goo. But the page’s most viewed clips tend to be of the hair removal itself — with one generating over 40,000 views.

Pearl Wax is an alternative to the typical hair removal kits sold in stores. It doesn’t stick to the skin, which makes the removal process less painful and messy than standard wax. This minimizes the risk of rashes, cuts and irritation. Best of all, when applied, it’s the same temperature as the body — which means no burns.

To use Pearl Wax, just place the wax beans into the warmer. Let it sit for up to 15 minutes for it to melt and then lower the warmer’s temperature and wait until the wax consistency is like thick honey.

Then adjust the temperature to 125 degrees for the remainder of the process. Next, apply the wax in the same direction the hair grows. Finally, wait about 30 to 35 seconds until it has dried. When it’s no longer sticky, pick up the edge of the wax strip to remove the hair.

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