Actor ‘forced out’ from home gets back at landlord: 'You will hate it here!'


A British actor who claims he was “forced out” of his London home by his landlord got his revenge by sharing a hilarious virtual tour of his apartment with prospective tenants.

On May 17, Sandy Batchelor, who starred in “All Out” and “Far Cry 3,” shared an approximately two-minute video on Twitter that guides viewers through his home.

“Our letting agent asked us to make a video of the flat we are basically being forced out of,” he tweeted. “I wish them the very best of luck.”

Instead of discussing the apartment’s more appealing features, the actor decides to do the exact opposite.

“This is the living room and all this is coming with us, as the flat comes unfurnished,” he begins the clip.

The actor then shows a peek of the outdoor through his window blinds.

“There’s the bins just outside the living room window, that’s lovely in the summer when it’s hot,” he jokes, adding that there’s an ant infestation in the home.

Batchelor then moves onto a fireplace “that doesn’t work” and some shelves that carry several books and wine bottles.

“The boy who put them in must have been drunk when he did it because there’s about a 30-degree angle on them,” he said, referring to the shelves.

While making his way to the kitchen, the actor passes a sign that reads “Don’t rent this flat!” He then takes aim at the appliances, suggesting that the oven, stovetop and washer-dryer combo are all useless. At one point, he turns on the range hood, noting how loud it is.

“When you put it on, you can’t hear yourself f****** think,” he says.

As the actor moves onto the bathroom, another sign reads “You will hate it here!” He then walks to the garden, where a third sign on the door reads “There is a ghost whoo!”

“This is the garden,” Batchelor says. “It was an absolute hellhole when we arrived, and we’ve completely renovated it.”

Claiming that he plans on taking the plants in the garden with him, the actor says the garden is also plagued with rats. Batchelor finally concludes the video with a tour of the bedroom, asserting that there’s a “damp problem” in the corner of the ceiling.

“I told the landlady about it and she sent me an email back telling me to keep the place well ventilated in f***** January,” he says.

Batchelor’s video has since gone viral on Twitter, receiving over 7 million views since it was posted. Other users also chimed in with their horrible living experiences.

“Takes me back,” one user quipped. “My sister completely redecorated and modernised a flat. The friend she was renting from got jealous and wanted her flat back and evicted her after seeing it at the housewarming party. Whole family went down and drew all over the walls before she moved out.”

“I was once told that the damp in my bedroom was due to my breathing in there,” another wrote. “The landlords actually wrote to me to tell me to stop breathing while I’m asleep.”

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