You can play this free video game to earn money for childhood cancer research

If you’re pinching pennies right now but still want to contribute to a great cause, this game’s for you.

Razor brand Schick Xtreme wants you to play its latest addictive mobile game, Shave the Day. In the game, users earn “Bald Bucks,” which Schick turns into real donations to St. Baldrick’s Foundation for childhood cancer research. The company will match Bald Bucks up to $250,000.

Shave the Day is the perfect silly distraction. Gamers play as XtremeMan, a bald superhero. His mission is to shave heads and collect Bald Bucks while riding around on an Xtreme razor and avoiding obstacles. After Xtreme reaches its donation limit, it will encourage users to continue playing and solicit donations directly in the game.

Xtreme has also teamed up with Twitch users Aydan and NMPOL, who will stream themselves playing Shave the Day and set personal donation goals. Once they hit the monetary target, they will each shave their heads on the live stream.

The shaving stream is unsurprising, St. Baldricks has long used shavees to raise money. You can even sign up to host a virtual shaving event yourself.

“When you sit in the barber’s chair and put on that cape, you transform into a hero for kids with cancer,” the organization boasts. “As a shavee, you’re not only raising funds researchers depend on to cure childhood cancer — you’re also spreading awareness every time you show off your bald head.”

The event will surely be a hit. Twitch use increased 29 percent year over year in March, with over 1.2 billion hours of content watched. The game streaming platform had never even hit the billion-hour threshold until 2020.

Shave The Day is available for download on May 19 in the App Store or Google Play. You can also download it directly from

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