The ‘world’s oldest cougar’ isn’t afraid to say what she wants


Ageless” profiles seniors who are pursuing their passions well into their golden years, from drag queen performances to competitive sports.

Hattie isn’t your average 83-year-old. She spends all her free time in the pursuit of romance, and she’s not afraid to share her stories.

“I’m a mother, I’m a grandmother, and I’ve been dubbed the oldest cougar in the world. No argument here,” she told In The Know. “I do actually acknowledge my crown as ‘boner queen.'”

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She said she’s been with “hundreds of men.”

“But who’s counting?” she added with a smile.

Hattie said she aims to change the way older women are perceived in the dating scene.

“People are always imagining that cougars are clawing, they’re beasts of prey, going after a boy toy or a cub, and I have turned that around,” she said. “I wait for a man to come onto me, and that happens quite often.”

Hattie took In The Know with her on a date with a much younger man named Ben.

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“I have had a thing for older women many times, and all my women have been older, but uh — never gone 30+ years before,” Ben told In The Know.

The two shared a meal and flirted the whole time.

“My first reaction to Hattie was — this is a very vibrant woman, for such an old lady,” Ben said. “I had never been on a date with a cougar before, but this may not be my last time.”

Hattie said she had a “terrific” time and wouldn’t rule out a second date.

She told In The Know that the way she meets men has changed over the years.

Credit: In The Know

“It used to be the newspapers and now it’s online — I’m on Tinder,” she said. “Whoa, have I learned a lot about men … I have sex as much as the men who respond on Tinder appeal to me.”

Hattie told In The Know she knows she talks too much about sex, but “it’s realistic because [she thinks] too much about sex.”

“I don’t wish to enforce the image of an older person who is hunched over, forgetful, all sorts of repulsive things,” she said. “I want to make sexuality the beautiful, life-affirming gift that it is.”

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