Magical tea changes colors right before your very eyes


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Here’s the tea — literally.

A TikTok user who goes by ohitzraymond recently demonstrated how to make a color-changing iced butterfly tea that both relieves stress and makes for great #content.

Pea flowers, which are rich in anti-inflammatory antioxidants and can help reduce stress, create a calming caffeine-free herbal tea when mixed with hot water.

But what stands out the most about butterfly pea tea is its striking color. While steeping the leaves in a hot cup of water, the tea will turn dark blue — and when other ingredients are added, the tea changes color again. The color of the drink depends on the pH levels of whatever you’re mixing in.

To recreate ohitzraymond’s recipe, you’ll need the following:


Butterfly pea tea
1/2 lemon
2 tbsp. honey
Unflavored sparkling water

First, ohitzraymond steeps a scoop of the dried pea tea leaves for about two minutes, until the tea turns blue. Next, he adds hot water to the 2 tbsp. of honey and once it fully dissolves, he adds the lemon juice.

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Ohitzraymond makes homemade blue ice cubes by freezing the butterfly pea tea in an ice tray, but that step is optional and only necessary if you want to go above and beyond with the tea’s aesthetic.

Fill half the mug with the tea and then the other half with the sparkling water. The color should stay blue until you add the honey and lemon mixture.

Because of the pH levels of the honey and lemon, almost immediately the tea will start turning light purple — which, in contrast to the blue ice cubes, does look very cool.

After the success of his first video, ohitzraymond followed up with a part two video where he shows how to make the same color-changing drink, but this time with alcohol.

If you want to want to experiment with a color-changing tea or cocktail, Sou Zen’s butterfly pea tea leaves are available for sale on Amazon.

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