19-year-old’s sustainable beauty line is now being sold at a major retail store

You may have seen skin and hair care products by Zandra Beauty the last time you were at Target.

The expansive and sustainable line of beauty products was founded by Zandra Cunningham when she was just nine years old. In The Know spoke with the mini mogul about the hobby turned family business.

“Zandra Beauty started when my dad refused to buy me lip balm,” Cunningham told In The Know. “That ‘no’ kinda inspired me to figure out where the balm came from, how was it made. That’s when I started researching. My mom joined and we ordered a kit. My mom and I would spend our time trying to create lip balms at home in our kitchen.”

They had a blast creating their homemade concoctions, so Cunningham decided to get serious about it.

“That’s when we started to figure out where all the raw materials came from,” she said. “How we can make this on a mass scale but also produce from scratch?”

Cunningham didn’t realize the money earning potential until she sold a lip balm for a dollar to someone at church. Fast forward 10 years later and the 19-year-old’s parents and grandmother now work for her. The balance between being a boss and a child wasn’t always easy.

“It was disappointing sometimes to have fun at the office and see my employees embrace me,” Cunningham said. “Then when I got home I would be grounded because I was a kid. Yeah, it was weird.”

Despite the awkward scenario, the family dealt with its growing pains as the business expanded. It’s now worth over $1 million. Today Zandra Beauty is available online and at Target.

“Take the world by storm. That’s really what Zandra [Beauty] is gonna be,” she said. “It’s gonna grow and it’s gonna be amazing.”

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