Third graders give unexpected answers to creative assignment: 'I feel this deeply'

A Chicago-based teacher, who goes by derryqueenhaha on Twitter — his drag queen persona — posted the submissions to a caption contest he had for this third graders over Zoom.

The answers are telling of each child's personality, without even having more context as to who wrote what. They are the summation of the collective feeling of exhaustion and irritation we all feel as we enter the third month of quarantine and Zoom calls.

People in the replies were identifying themselves with some of the answers — further proving that perhaps there is a deeper, more existential reading into how people caption this picture of a snowman melting on top of a car.

This is not the first time this teacher has gotten some high-quality Twitter material out of interacting with 8-year-olds over the internet. In mid-March, he taught his students how to email him in case they had any questions and was immediately bombarded with a slew of messages throughout the following day.

There was also a follow-up explanation that Bean, referenced in the subject line of the fourth email in the tweet, is the teacher's Chihuahua who the kids "stan extremely hard."

Technology is truly a wonderful thing.

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