Penguins enjoy icy slides at polar amusement park

Next time you’re in China, you may want to check out Harbin Polarland.

The winter wonderland is the first polar amusement park to combine animal shows and interactive experiences. A fan-favorite attraction is the Pole Aquarium which includes “Penguin Island.”

A visitor filmed some of the penguins in their icy habitat. In it, a group of the arctic birds gathered to play on a slide made entirely of ice. One by one, each of the penguins went down the slide while standing on their two orange feet.

Patrons watched and laughed as one penguin made the mistake of trying to walk up the slide — before being tackled by a swarm of penguins who were going down the slide.

Harbin Polarland is also home to other arctic creatures like foxes, polar bears, dolphins, whales, sharks and sea lions. If you’re thinking of adding this destination to your bucket list, check out a few reviews.

“If you haven’t seen a white dolphin, it is a place to go. The show is worth the visit,” one Trip Advisor review said.

“I’ve been there in December of 2018 and I was absolutely amazed by it all,” said another. “It has some rare polar animals, but the most impressive part of it surely is the Beluga whale show.”

“We had a great time watching the white beluga whales performance,” one reviewer wrote. “Personally, I feel that the animals are much loved by the trainers there. Even the polar bears. They are so huge!!! But they appear happy, well-fed and friendly towards humans.”

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