Kaley Cuoco video chatted TODAY — from her car in a bathrobe

This weekend marked one year since fans of "The Big Bang Theory" said so long to the show, but on Monday morning, they had a chance to say hello to a familiar face from the hit sitcom right here on TODAY.

Though they've probably never seen Kaley Cuoco quite like this before.

The star showed up for a video call wearing what could be considered the official wardrobe of quarantine — a pink bathrobe, cat-ear hair towel and a very relatable deal-with-it expression on her face.

"Guys, let me tell you something," the actress said while filming from the front seat of her car. "Working from home is not working for me!"

Al Roker laughed out loud and his 3rd hour of TODAY co-host, Dylan Dreyer, simply looked on in admiration.

"You are every woman right now," Dylan raved. "And I love it!"

But Cuoco insisted that her lockdown look wasn't exactly a fashion choice.

"I woke up this morning to shower and get ready for this interview and my internet was down," Cuoco said, trying to explain her extremely casual attire and unexpected setting. "So, I had to go sit in the car in my hair towel and robe. This is what you're getting today. This is all I could muster up!"

And it could be a preview of what one lucky fan will see soon.

Cuoco visited the show to talk about a cause near and dear to her heart, the Epidermolysis Bullosa Medical Research Foundation, and the fundraiser in which she and fellow stars are offering virtual meet-and-greets to raise money for those impacted by the rare and painful genetic condition that causes severe blistering of the skin.

"You can bid to talk to one of us online and have a very awkward Zoom call like this, where I just got out of the shower," she said with a smile.

Adam Sandler, Courteney Cox, Kelly Clarkson, Josh Gad and Norman Reedus are among the celebrities hoping to help the foundation help others.

"It costs a lot of money to take care of these kids, and we're trying to raise funds," Cuoco said. "Their skin is so delicate, and it requires bandaging all day long — up to $80,000 a month in bandages for these families."

Which is why she's more than happy to put on her robe, hop in the car and Zoom again for a good cause.