Dad fails to give 1-year-old a decent haircut: 'My poor baby'


The "quarantine haircut" trend has resulted in some funny photos of at-home cuts going disastrously awry. But while most of these posts are photos of people trying to cut their own hair, every so often they're not self-inflicted.

Writer Doree Shafrir shared on Twitter that her husband, Matt, had been begging her for weeks to cut their 1-year-old son Henry's hair. Whether it was from exhaustion or to stop talking about it, Doree handed her husband the scissors.

Somehow, Matt managed to make the top of Henry's head look wonky and misshapen, while also giving him what looks like a layered bowl cut.

It's confusing how Matt was even able to create this effect unintentionally. According to Doree's replies in the Twitter thread, he kept telling Doree he just needed to "even it out" until she finally demanded he give her back the scissors.

The post inspired other parents to share their own catastrophic quarantine haircut attempts.

There's more to the quarantine cut trend than people just needing a trim. In fact, there's psychology behind why everyone seems to want to cut or dye their hair, or grow out their beard.

Kim Johnson, professor emerita at the University of Minnesota, told Wired that it has to do with needing a sense of control. With the pandemic going on, almost everything feels uncertain, which is why giving yourself an impulsive makeover seems comforting.

The stakes are also very low. As Johnson said: “Person-to-person contact is limited and is under control, and you can control who does and does not see you. It is a good time to experiment with appearance changes."

That is, unless you're Doree's son Henry and your mom tweets it to her 27,000 followers.

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