Twitter user's disgusting cake recipe has people enraged: 'I'm so disturbed'


A Twitter user who simply wanted to watch the world burn shared photos of a cake made using only 12 eggs, then figuratively lit a match, flicked it and walked away.

The abominable food item, which was shared on May 11 by user shoyoslove, was seemingly created by cracking a dozen eggs into a smooth, circular pan and baking them until solid.

That’s it. That’s the cake.

Credit: Twitter

Naturally, people were perplexed by the simple yet diabolical recipe, with one even calling it “nightmare fuel.”

“I’m so disturbed,” wrote one user.

“Ima pretend i didn’t see this,” said another.

“The amount of hatred i have for this tweet is unfathomable,” sneered a third.

“Is this allowed,” added another.

Others, however, seemed genuinely curious about the flavor of the protein-packed “cake.”

“Genuinely, does it taste good? Like is it a good soft egg or is it rubbery?” one person asked.

“I feel weird that i want to taste it,” said another.

The circular egg cake might as well be the cousin of the infamous long egg — a long, easy-to-slice log of boiled egg that was invented in 1974 and has been the subject of mockery since … well, 1974.

Even the New York Times tore into the unsettling recipe in 1977 (way before flaming was cool), with the headline, “Shell Shocker: Look What They’ve Done to Eggs,” according to Food & Wine.

However, long after its print notoriety faded away, the dish again rose to infamy in 2013 — this time digitally — after a video about how the tubular egg is produced was posted on YouTube.

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