Woman 'shocked' by partner's room decoration: 'What is this?'


A British man took room decoration to a new level after his partner asked him to decorate it "tastefully."

On May 1, 32-year-old Nick Smith of Bexley, London, took to his family's Facebook page, Thesmithyfamily, to share a hilarious 1-minute clip in which he is seen sticking gummy bears to the wall.

"What is this?" his partner Jess asks.

When Smith responds that he's simply decorating, Jess quickly retorts that the two had agreed to use paint instead of candy.

"No, you said to decorate it tastefully," Nick responds. "Those were your words. Decorate it tastefully. This has got to be the tastiest wall anyone has ever done."

An incredulous Jess then tells Smith that his prank amounts to "wastage," to which Smith later provides a funny answer.

"Look, if we can't get any food from the shops, we can eat this, " Smith says as he motions to the wall plastered in 6,000 gummy bears.

The video has since gone viral, receiving over 70,000 views and admiration from at least one fellow Facebook user.

"Brilliant," the user wrote. "Can u come to liverpool please and do my wall [...] won't have to go the shop when i get munchies."

In an interview with LAD Bible, Smith, a father of two, said he and his daughters Isabella, 7, and Amelia, 5, spent more than four hours sticking the candy to the wall.

"I had some out-of-date sweets," he explained. "One of my mates owns a shop and he was going to throw them away, but I thought I'd take them and use them to wind my partner up."

Though the process was as simple as licking the gummy bears and sticking them to the wall, Smith admitted that his partner was not pleased.

"She was pretty shocked when she walked in," he recalled. "She'd been out while me and the kids did it, and they were out of the picture by the time she come home, so I was left on the spot."

The worst part, however, was taking down all of the candy, which had stayed up for 36 hours, he said.

"I had to literally scrape them off the walls," Smith said.

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