Teenager stirs controversy after using parents’ money for ‘horrible’ purchases: ‘Come clean’

A teenager is stirring up a major online debate after admitting to spending $2,000 of their parents’ money without their knowledge.

The teen, who says they were 14 and 15 when the conflict took place, shared the dilemma on Reddit’s r/confession forum. Writing under the username u/wiskj, the Redditor admitted they secretly spent the $2,000 on a video game.

“i hear stories like this a lot but i wasn’t even that young,” he wrote of his self-admitted mistake.

The Redditor explained that thanks to a gaming account that was linked to their parents’ debit card, they managed to make several small purchases that went totally unnoticed. Each purchase went toward features for the widely popular, online multiplayer game, League of Legends.

Now, four years after the spending spree, the teenager asked Reddit how — and if — they could repay their parents for money they never knew he took.

‘I know it’s a horrible thing’

In his post, the teen admitted they had done a “horrible” thing, but wondered whether it was worth the damage of confessing so long after the fact.

“I want to pay them back but i don’t want to bring something up that happened 4 years back if they didn’t notice/chose to ignore [my spending],” they wrote.

The Redditor went on to share that now they have a part-time job and make some money from online streaming. Now that they have the capability to repay the money, they suggested they might make it up by buying their parents expensive birthday presents.

“Will probably save up to get them something nice on their birthday since they happen to share one,” they wrote.

‘This will bug you forever’

The Redditor’s post drew hundreds of comments, with users offering a wide range of advice as to how they could manage the situation. Many seemed to believe the best option was simply to be honest.

“I’d pay them back at least a portion, 15 years is old enough to know what you were doing at the time as well as now. This will bug you forever until you at least come clean to them lol,” one user commented.

“He was just a kid. I reckon just tell the parents and they’ll more than likely let it slide, if they didn’t notice the whole time I cant imagine it affected their finances too much,” another added.

Others were slightly more severe, writing that the teenager needed to pay their parents back the full amount.

Be mature, and pay them back! You were old enough to know you were stealing then. And you are old enough to start to do the decent thing now,” one user wrote.

But several Redditors also seemed to empathize with the situation. Many shared similar stories from their own teenage years, admitting to large spending sprees on iTunes, online shopping and other video games.

“This was me. I was saving my lunch money my mom gave me and just not eating lunch,” one commenter confessed.

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