Cooking ingredient from 1965 sets the internet ablaze: 'I don’t wanna know what her food tasted like'

A Reddit user’s plan to cook for their grandmother’s 95th birthday went awry — but only after they shared a special ingredient used in the meal with the world

The user, who goes by the name cswimc, wrote in a post on Reddit’s r/funny forum that they inquired about what salt their grandmother had available, but she said she has hardly ever used any.

“It turns out the only container of salt she has is dated from 1965,” the Redditor wrote. “It worked, and salt doesn’t really expire.”

Cswimc shared a photo of the 55-year-old salt, and it looks, well, vintage, to say the least.

Credit: Reddit

According to Morton’s website, salt does not expire, but the ingredients added to iodized salt like the kind cswimc used can reduce the product’s shelf life, which is about five years.

We’re no mathematicians, but 55 years is a whole lot longer than 5 years.

Though it’s not likely the Redditor poisoned his grandmother with bad salt, the substance certainly wasn’t at its most potent (or effective at all.)

Other Reddit users criticized cswimc’s risky choice — and their grandmother’s choice to keep the ancient salt.

“Gordon Ramsay wants to have a word with your grandma,” one user wrote.

“I don’t wanna know what her food tasted like,” another said.

Others didn’t think it was that big of a deal.

“Salt is a mineral… a soluble rock essentially. It’s not gonna go off,” a Redditor said.

“No wonder she’s lived so long! Awesome,” another wrote.

If cswimc says their ancient seasoning worked, more power to them. We’re not salty about it.

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