This futuristic smart lock knows when you leave the door open


Fido by Ujia is a futuristic smart lock designed so you can say goodbye to keys altogether. Unlike others on the market, it unlocks in four different ways. Users can open the door with a smartphone app, fingerprint, Bluetooth connection or an inducted access card. Property owners can also grant access remotely through its app.

Fido is more like a home security system than just a lock. It can detect if a door is accidentally left open based on the handle’s rotation angle. It then automatically locks to prevent intruders from sneaking in. If vandals or perpetrators trigger the built-in alarm system, it notifies homeowners through its app.

The smart lock also tracks who is coming and going out of the home. Then it stores the info so that homeowners are always in the know. App users can easily remove or give access to others because they retain authority over all e-keys.

Fido is great for families, roommates, Airbnb renters or anyone who wants to grant property access to a guest. It also comes in handy for the absent-minded — no worries if you lose or forget your keys, just use the app to unlock the door.

In 2019, Fido snagged Ujia the Red Dot Design Award. After a successful IndieGoGo campaign, it raised over $673,000 and is now on the market. Check out a few five-star reviews.

“Installation was so simple and operation is simple as well. It’s hard to find a smart lock that actually looks good to. Great job!” one owner commented.

“I was skeptical when I purchased the FIDO Lock, I love it. Installation was smooth even on an old door. Quality far surpassed my expectations and was on par with the best locks I’ve seen/used. I’ve already preordered the other ones for two other doors,” another said.

“Works well, quality is really very good for the price. Installing is simple with the tools provided,” one reviewer wrote.

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