Australian hospital is seeing a recent boom in twins being born

Darwin Private Hospital is seeing twice as many twins born as it usually does. Eleven pairs have kept the staff on its toes, according to the Associated Press. One of the reasons may be that parents who use IVF tend to patronize the private hospital.

“Everyone wants to see them because it’s two little bundles all at once and they have a really good bond,” midwife Jemima Hart told Associated Press. “You see most of the babies, even if you put them on separate sides of the cot, they’ll wiggle in against each other. So, we love seeing that.”

While getting two bundles of joy instead of one is certainly exciting, it’s not without its challenges.

“I was on hospital bed rest for six weeks before the twins arrived at around 32 and a half weeks,” Sally Brown, mother to one of the sets of twins, said. “And then yes, the twins were in special care at Darwin Private Hospital for another four and a half weeks before we could bring them home.”

Brown and her husband also have a three-year-old daughter in addition to newborn twins, Angus and Willow.

“You don’t get much sleep, but it’s amazing how much you can push through and function on such little sleep,” the mother said.

The mother and father did had some advice for expectant parents.

“Just get prepared and have everything in order before they come and then just start the process of getting into that routine and learning to deal with that routine,” the father said.

Perhaps, Darwin Private Hospital should take some of these wise words to heart. The hospital already has three new sets of twins booked in the upcoming months!

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